Monday, August 18, 2014

My Favorite Jewish Music


I Love Jewish Music!

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I began getting into Jewish Music with the group "Safam". I actually sang solo on one of their songs (with one of the Jewish Community choirs I have sung with) with the parents of their lead singer in the audience. (I suppose I should add that I went to school with the lead singer's younger brother and I knew his parents for most of my life)

Hebrew, Ladino and English Music with a Jewish Theme

My love of Jewish Music started many years ago. I started singing with a local Jewish community choir in the 1990s. When that choir "broke up" (the conductor moved away), I have a bit of a void, and then a new community choir arose from the ashes (and with some of the singers from) that choir. I sang with them for about 5 or so years, until it got to be too much work and not as much fun. But I still love to sing and I still love Jewish Music. I have collected some YouTube videos of some of my favorites -- I chose versions I liked because of the music, not necessarily the video part. I hope you enjoy them too.

Compugraph Designs Jewelry Page

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